David Morrissey To Return as The Governor in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4

David Morrissey as The Walking Dead's Governor

If you haven’t seen the Season 3 finale of  The Walking Dead yet you probably don’t want to read this post, as it contains spoilers. But that’s, like, common sense, right?

If you thought the Governor’s ride into the great plains of Georgia with his trusted, terrified companions Caesar and Bowman would be the last you’d see of our terrifying, one-eyed villain then you would be wrong. David Morrissey, the British actor who plays the Governor, has been confirmed as a series regular for Season 4 of the AMC zombie drama, The Hollywood Reporter reports. 

In rare Walking Dead form, the biggest shock of Sunday night’s finale was not who perished (although we will sorely miss Laurie Holden‘s Andrea and Dallas Roberts‘ Milton) but who survived. I don’t think anyone expect to see the Governor survive the season. 

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Even though we didn’t see the Governor kick the bucket on screen, his fate was left up in the air. Would good ol’ Phillip, Caesar, and Bowman continue on the road trip from hell right out of the series forever? Or would they come back to challenge Rick and the prison-squatters — which now includes all the Woodbury children and elderly — one final time? Morrissey’s return to the show promises our patch-wearing psychopath will get a lot of screen time when the show returns in the fall. 

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