Dear Fox, Please Don’t Cancel ‘Almost Human’

Almost HumanFOX

At the end of Almost Human, the characters on the show met in front of a review board to face the decision of whether or not android Dorian (Michael Ealy) could continue to work as a cop. It was a sidewise smirk at the fact that the Fox series was facing possible cancelation. The show remains on the bubble; the more time that passes, the more bleak the outcome looks. Fox does not have a terribly good record in terms of letting science fiction themed shows breathe and grow for long. Firefly and Terra Nova, anyone?

The thing that will be really aggravating is that if they cancel this in the face of renewing the nihilistic garbage that is The Following. Almost Human is a show that has a heart. Karl Urban and Ealy have an easy cameraderie and there are a lot of unanswered questions that I would love to learn the answers to: What does the other side of The Wall look like? What does John Larroquette‘s mad scientist have up his sleeve? Will Urban’s John Kennex actually make a move at some point with Minka Kelly‘s Valerie Stahl? Will Michael Irby’s Richard Paul ever be a good human being?

I know that part of the decision may be financial. In this day and age, it’s cheaper to film shows about psychopaths who stab people over and over and over rather than having to have to build futuristic sets. That doesn’t make the possibility of the show not coming back any easier to stomach. The only consolation that I may have is that the network let it run its episodes and not axing it in the middle or even earlier, like some other networks.

There may come a time when science fiction becomes a staple: the CW is trying with The 100 right now, but people seem to prefer the fantastical, like Supernatural, or comic books, like Arrow. Until then, I’ll keep hoping and waiting. And also praying that Urban and Ealy don’t wind up with roles on The Following in Season 3.