Death Of A Borough Part 2: Lena Dunham Is Shooting In Brooklyn Again

Lena Dunham filming on location for GirlsAby Baker/Getty Images

It’s just so confusing. I want everyone to know how kick-ass my borough is, I really do. Brooklyn is and always has been the greatest. But I want it to be worshiped from afar.

As Girls gears up to shoot again, it reminds me of how cool and cringe-worthy it all is, Brooklyn being flung onto the world map. Sure, Dunham has thrown her weight behind a fundraiser for the Lutheran Medical Center, far from the hipster hinterland. But she also reportedly checked out $4 million digs in Williamsburg. I repeat, 4 million bucks, in Williamsburg.

So thanks Girls, for killing Café Grumpy. Go for it. It’s alway been way too precious for me, and I actually hate their coffee. But the Girls bus tour? Better wear a helmet if you book a ticket. I’ll be the one throwing rocks at it.

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