Denis Leary To Write Paramedic Comedy Series

ALTDenis Leary, creator of firefighter drama Rescue Me, has signed on to develop and co-write a new series for USA. Based on the British series Sirens, Leary’s new half-hour comedy will follow a team of paramedics, who presumably encounter all kinds of hilarious antics and meaningful personal problems while saving lives.

While Leary may write for the series, he is not expected to star, according to USA senior VP Bill McGoldrick. “This is not a vehicle for Denis, and smartly I think,” McGoldrick said. “I don’t think you necessarily want to see him as the lead of a show so soon after Rescue Me, but … after we get the script where we want it there may be more of a supporting thing.”

The series seems a natural fit for Leary’s writing talents. His program Rescue Me, which is currently entering its seventh and final season, tackles similar themes, and has been praised for its realistic depictions of fires and other emergency calls. Leary’s darkly humorous style may not translate as well from the edgy FX to the more family-friendly USA, but the limits of the network may tone back some of Rescue Me’s more over-the-top story lines.

Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers) will co-write the project- Daybreak Pictures’ Hal Vogel and David Aukin, and Apostle’s Jim Serpico will executive produce. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter