Denzel Washington Doesn’t Invite Sylvester Stallone to His Parties: Late Last Night

Denzel Washington lives an exciting life. He travels to Africa to have breakfast with Desmond Tutu, and throws extravagant parties at his own home with guests like Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey. Of course, parties with this caliber of guests do tend to be somewhat exclusive, meaning not just anybody can get in…and apparently, Sylvester Stallone doesn’t quite make the cut.

Nicolas Cage, what in your brain determines good ideas from bad ones? And why don’t you listen to it? Apparently, the omnipresent actor, side by side with Charlie Sheen, thought it’d be funny to steal the speaker system while on an airplane ride, impersonate the pilot, and inform the passengers that they were all in big trouble. But here’s the kicker: the biggest consequence of it all was a finger-wag and a harsh talking to. Oh, actors.

Zooey Deschanel has been dubbed Hollywood’s “Cutest Weirdo,” which no one can contest. It’s always good to see her and Jimmy Fallon on a stage together, to spark up memories of the classic musical comedy sketch they did way back when. Together, Zooey and Jimmy ran through the days of the week (adorable), their favorite SNL cast members, and Zooey’s plan of painting her fingernails in the style of tuxedos so she could have a fancy escort to the Golden Globes. Cutest Weirdo you certainly are, Miss Deschanel.

Octavia Spencer might be just breaking into stardom, but she’s already making herself quite comfortable around her celebrity peers. For instance, she’s not above asking Denzel Washington for an acting job seconds after they meet, or fighting George Clooney for a sweatshirt. And he was up for the fight, too.