Derek Hough Will Return To ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Next Season

derek hough dwtsWhile there are still only rumors and speculation as to who the new contestants will be in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, we can know for sure that one of our favorite dance pros will be returning to the dance floor in hopes of winning that mirror ball trophy. Derek Hough officially announced his return to the popular reality show, telling People magazine “I will be back!”

After winning his third mirror ball last November with Dirty Dancing‘s Jennifer Grey, the hunky pro decided to take some time off from the show in order to shoot an independent dance movie, Cobu 3D. Even though I’m glad Hough is exploring many different facets of his dancing career, I was highly disappointed to not see him in all his shirtless glory during last season. I feared he would follow in his sister’s footsteps and dance off the show forever, so I’m glad to hear that’s clearly not the case. Apparently the time-off was good for Hough and gave him a chance to “push myself and introduce me to a career I’d love to do more. It was a fantastic experience.” Either way, I’m just happy to have him back because he was highly missed, and evidently the feeling was mutual. The break also gave Hough a greater appreciation for the show that quickly made him a fan favorite. Derek explains saying, “When we’re doing the show we’re in the bubble and we get into the stress and the drama and all of the behind the scenes stuff…it was good for me to take a season off and see what the audience sees. It gave me a new boost and inspiration to want to do some great things.” Well, we certainly look forward to seeing what new moves he can bring out onto the dance floor next season. Just as long as he still takes his shirt off as often as possible, then I’ll be happy.

Casting for the new season of DWTS will be announced August 29 and the show will premiere its new season on September 19 on ABC.

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Source: People