‘Desperate Housewives’ Cast Signs on For Season 8

Desperate Housewives CastThe ladies of Wisteria Lane are prepared to stay another year, maybe two. Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria, and Marcia Cross all signed their names to contracts promising a base salary of $325,000 an episode. With all the extras and forms of additional compensation, that could add up to almost $18 million a season, each. Can I please play a bored housewife on TV? Please? I could be a nosy neighbor in high heels for that kind of cash, any day.

The only issue now is that Desperate Housewives hasn’t actually been renewed, though with this sort of commitment, it looks like the order for more episodes is imminent. Also, I lied. There’s one more issue. The show’s creator Marc Cherry has another fledgling project he needs to tend to (ABC’s pilot, Hallelujah), so they may need to enlist fellow executive producer Bob Daily to step in as showrunner while Cherry sets up shop with the new show. Will that change things in the picturesque little neighborhood? Probably not too much, he’s been subbing for Cherry as he’s been pitching and setting up for Hallelujah anyway.

While Housewives isn’t exactly the pop culture icon it was when it began, it’s one of ABC’s highest rated hour-long dramas, so it would seem that all that extra cash is worth it. As for the yet-to-be-issued renewal order, fans should breathe easy. They wouldn’t be waving this kind of cash around if they didn’t want to keep the show going. Plus, they likely wanted to make sure they had all the talent before they issued an order for more of the show with only half a cast.