‘Dexter’ Nabs Chuck’s Girl: Yvonne Strahovski Joins Season 7

yvonne strahovskiAre you suffering from a severe case of Dexter withdrawal? If so, you will be happy to hear that your favorite serial killer (played by Michael C. Hall) will have some new faces to work with (or play with on his cutting table) come the show’s Season 7 fall premiere — one of which is sure to make you chuckle with glee. TV Line reports that former Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski will be joining the cast for a multi-episode arc as Hannah McKay — a strong, independent woman with a past that she’s struggling to put behind her (perhaps a former life in the CIA?).

Putting her detective skills to good use once again, Strahovski’s character will team up with the Miami Metro Homicide to help solve a bunch of old cases, prompting her to work with the equally skilled (and secretive) Dexter Morgan. But it won’t take long for Dexter to realize that there’s more to this lovely woman than meets the eye, which should make for a truly deadly dynamic (figuratively, of course).

Will this super-spy finally out this closeted serial killer to his colleagues once and for all (that is if Deb doesn’t decide to do that for him) or will a love interest possibly ensue? This girl may have just found her new Chuck (sorry, Chuck).

The seventh season of Dexter is set to premiere on September 30 at 9 PM (ET) on Showtime. It’s sure to be a thin slice of hell heaven.

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Dexter Cast

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