‘Dexter’ Recap: Get Gellar

S6:E9 At the end of last week’s episode Travis agreed to help Dexter get in contact with Gellar, and tonight depicted various efforts which the two of them take to get their hands on the real Doomsday Killer.

“He murdered your sister, Travis. Come on. Think.” – Dexter

We begin with Dexter and Travis in Gellar’s church, shortly after Travis agreed to help Dexter kill Gellar. After Dexter searches the location for signs of Gellar’s presence, he takes an ax and frees Travis’s hands from the chains around his wrists. He finds some new notebooks belonging to Gellar, and Dexter then takes Travis to a hotel room, where he tends to his burn and instructs Travis not to leave the hotel room until he is further notified. Dexter leaves and heads to Miami Metro HQ and learns about a guy named Professor Casey at Miami State University, who teaches courses related to atheism and discourages his students from living their lives feeling pressured by what God wants them to do, because there is no God.

“Would you say your brother has always been guarded?” – Deb’s shrink

Deb continues with therapy, and over the course of a session she reveals she wishes her relationship with Dexter were more balanced, and that he felt comfortable opening up to her. The shrink points out it’s unreasonable for Deb to insist Dexter confide in her if he’s always been closed off, and unfair for her to bully him into thinking he had to make time for her if he has never made time for her in the past. Then Deb talks about how she was engaged to a serial killer, and how her other boyfriend (Lundy) was shot in front of her, and how her mother died when she was a teenager, and how her father much preferred Dexter to her. At the end of the first session, the shrink politely asks if Deb would like to come more than once a week. She heads back to Miami Metro and Dexter quickly apologizes to her for making her feel so bad (when he declined her offer to have steaks together), and Deb said he doesn’t need to apologize because she finally understood he was a chair, and that he would never become a table, which is what she wants.

“All those following false prophets are doomed.” – Deb

At the briefing, Louis (Vince’s intern who’s dating Jamie (Batista’s sister) and who has taken a creepy interest in Dexter) shows everyone a recent post from Gellar’s blog and it says that in six days, there will be a solar eclipse where “all those following false prophets are doomed.” Batista also consults another one of Gellar’s sources, and it indicates his next act will be about the Bowls of Wrath, which is “punishment poured on the people.” Dexter explains each “bowl” is a plague, like disease, darkness or blood. After, Deb meets with Jessica Morris’ father, about the death of his daughter which we saw last episode (she was found dead in a hotel room from what appeared to be a heroin overdose). There were, however, elements about her death that suggested she was murdered, but Deb was forced to close the case because LaGuerta wanted to boost the station’s stats. Jessica’s father begs Deb to re-open the investigation because his daughter’s sternum was cracked, which suggested someone tried to perform CPR on her, which means someone else was in the room with her when she died and it was the police’s job to find out who it is. Deb reluctantly agrees to take another look at the file.

The ending of this episode was probably one of the most shocking moments of television I have ever experienced. I couldn’t believe producers managed to hide for so long that Gellar was in Travis’s imagination, and it really was an incredibly stunt they pulled. This epic surprise still doesn’t make up for the fact Dexter isn’t his usual sprightly self this season, but it’s more than enough to suddenly make me feel a lot more positive about this season.