‘Dexter’ Recap: Talk To The Hand

S6:E11 We’re coming towards the end of the season, and this episode did a really excellent job setting a fast pace. There are a lot of stories to wrap up, but what was most noticeable was the new storyline that was created: the one where Deb figures out she’s sexually attracted to her brother.

“What are we waiting for?” – Dexter 

Dexter shows up at the marina to process the boat that an anonymous tipster told the police had extremely poisonous gas on it (the tipster was actually Dexter, but he only called the police because Harry convinced him it was the right thing to do). He and Deb find a dead Holly Madison caught up in the anchor, and after the detectives find the chemicals Dexter reported, they assume the Doomsday Killers were using them to mix Wormwood. They also find Doomsday Adam (a.k.a. Steve) found dead from a stab wound, and Louis is shocked to see him because he told Batista about him the day before. We flash over to Batista regaining consciousness in Beth and Steve’s home, but Travis is tying him up. Travis then walks over to Beth and gives her some instructions about what she needs to do to get the Wormwood into the police station safely. 
“Remember, it’s Lieutenant Morgan who is leading this attack against us. You must get to her.” – Travis 
Beth makes her way cautiously into the police station, and swipes a card that opens a door so she doesn’t have to go through security. She calls Travis and lets him know she’s made it inside, and then takes the elevator up to homicide and tells an officer she’s needs to speak with Detective Morgan immediately. Back on the boat, Deb realizes Batista hasn’t made it to the crime scene yet and she is concerned once Louis tells her he sent Batista to Adam’s (a.k.a. Steve) house. She calls Quinn and sends him over to Steve’s house and once he gets there, he finds Batista tied up in the bedroom that is also on fire. Quinn quickly puts out flames with a nearby blanket, frees Batista and then calls Deb back to tell her Travis tried to kill Batista and unfortunately, has escaped. Once she returns to the station, Deb learns a woman named Beth is there to talk to her about Wormwood. Dexter is over in his lab researching Steve (who he killed on board the Ricochet Rabbit because he thought he was Travis) and comes across a picture of his wife, and recognizes her as the woman Deb is ushering into her office. Dexter sees Beth grabbing at her backpack and attempting to push a button on one of the straps (to activate the Wormwood), and he runs up behind her and pushes her into an empty conference room just as the gas starts pouring out of her bag. Dexter screams at Deb to get everyone out of the building, and he holds the door shut as Beth breathes in the gas and blood seeps out of her mouth. Once everyone is outside, Dexter is evaluated by EMTs and told he needs to go to the hospital to get checked out. Of course he refuses, and Deb makes sure to take the time to thank her brother for saving the lives of the entire department.

I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was so fast! Everything happened so fast! Dexter saved everyone’s lives, Deb suddenly realized she might have sexual feelings for her brother, and Travis is spiraling out of control because his chosen allies have died. Also, LaGuerta came back for a bit! It was a lot to take in. And then this Ice Truck Killer thing with Louis? When is something going to happen with that? It almost seems like more storylines were created than were slowly starting to wrap up! This should make for an extraordinary finale next week!