‘Dexter’ Renewed For Sixth Season

ALT TEXTFellow Dexter-ites, I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Dexter — a.k.a. the show about everyone’s favorite neighborhood serial killer — has been renewed for its sixth season. And although it’s only a one-year deal, E! reports that Showtime will not bill it as the final season — so there’s hope for more murder, just as long as Dexter doesn’t get cut! (HA! Get it?!) Anyway, the report seems likely for a seventh season as well, pending renegotiatiions of some cast members’ contracts. So yeah, that’s awesome too.

Now, if you haven’t watched up until the most recent episode (“In the Beginning”), stop reading now. Okay. Have you looked away yet? Cool. Now, if you’re still with me, let’s speculate some and try to figure out just what the eff is going to happen. Does this extension mean Lumen and Dexter are going to continue their Bonnie and Clyde antics? After this week’s PG-13 sex scene, it seems their relationship has developed into a weird, boyfriend-girlfriend/serial killer-serial killer bond. And personally, I’d like to see that continue. Plus, what about Deb? She’s suddenly expecting there’s this vigilante out in Miami who’s taking care of these barrel girl rapist bastards. And she’s RIGHT. It’s her mother-effing brother! And then, what about that crazy ol’ tequila swiggin’ private detective that Quinn hired? For the first time in the series’ history, someone is actually ahead of Dexter.

Basically, in typical Dexter fashion, all the plot lines and twists and turns and changes are all coming together right now, and while watching, I pretty much spend the whole time thinking my head will explode. Let’s just hope that the writers can somehow continue this success with the next season and don’t mess it all up — like by focusing on the Batista and LaGuerta marriage that no one cares about.

Source: E! Online