‘Dexter’ Recap: The Family That Kills Together (Season 8, Episode 5)

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Talk about a dysfunctional family. This week’s episode of Dexter opened with Deb and Dexter in a therapy session with Dr. Vogel and closed with the three of them dumping Yates’ body into the ocean. I’m not sure whether they’re more screwed up because of what they’ve been through or because, in the end, they seem to be fine with it all. Either way, the relationship between Dexter and Deb is one of my favorite on TV right now. But there was quite a bit that went on in between therapy and the body dump.

Dexter is understandably hurt by the fact that Deb tried to kill them both last week. He never thought it would go that far. And who would take care of Harrison if Deb had succeeded? But, the good news is, that was Deb’s rock bottom, and now she seems to be getting better. She’s dealing with her PTSD and is finally coming to terms with what she did. Dexter doesn’t see it that way at first, though. Not to mention, he’s still pretty angry with Vogel too. And on top of all that, Miami Metro has identified Yates as the one who almost killed the girl Dexter saved last week. So, with no immediate solution to the Deb problem, Dexter heads to Yates’ house with the rest of the homicide division.

Meanwhile, Yates is kidnapping Vogel. When Deb finds out, she goes to Dexter for help. Their mutual problem makes Dexter actually listen to Deb’s side of things, and they make up. This is good for everyone, because I was really starting to worry about Deb. But it turns out that she can’t live without Dexter any more than he can live without her, and they team up to track down Yates and Vogel.

Yates takes the good doctor to some empty house, and there we learn that he had some serious mommy issues when he was younger. Vogel knows this though, and because she’s one smart lady, she uses this to her advantage. She’s able to keep Yates from doing anything drastic until Dexter and Deb show up to rescue her.

(Side note: Dexter and Deb figure out where Vogel is by asking Deb’s boss Elway to trace a call Vogel made. Elway seems to have no problem coming to Deb’s assistance, even when that includes breaking the law. So, I’m waiting for the inevitable romance that will develop between them.)

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime

When Dexter and Deb find Vogel, she’s tied up in a closet but otherwise unharmed. Yates is nowhere to be found, but Vogel isn’t the only intelligent person in the room. Dexter remembers hearing Vogel tell Yates no child should have to hide under their bed from a parent. That, plus the blood on the floor, leads him to believe Yates is under the bed. And, in a totally psychopathic and typically Dexter move, he impales Yates (and the bed) with a curtain rod. Bye bye, Brain Surgeon. Then Dexter takes Deb and Vogel out on his boat to dump Yates’ body.

And, in Masuka news, he comes to the same conclusion I did last week: His daughter Niki might not be telling him everything. He goes to Deb and asks her to do a background check on Niki and see if anything suspicious turns up. This is playing out like I expected. Now I’m just waiting to see what the twist is.

Also, Dexter seems like he might actually be interested in Jamie’s friend Cassie. He hasn’t been with anyone since Hannah, and he should be. I know he’s a serial killer and everything, but he’s moral serial killer, and he deserves to be loved too. And then there’s the fact that it’s going to make things even more interesting when Hannah shows up again.

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