‘Dexter’ Recap: Just Like Old Times (Season 8, Episode 6)

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I’m going to start this recap off by saying, “I told you so.” Last week I said that a romance between Deb and Elway was going to happen, and it’s happening. Deb and Elway flirt their way through this entire episode, and I can’t wait until the subject finally comes up between them (subtext intended). Deb knows Elway is starting to have feelings for her, and she tells Dexter as much at the end of the episode. She seems like she’s going to fight feeling the same way, but I really don’t want her to. I would love to see them together.

As for Deb and Dexter, their relationship is getting better every episode. They’re getting back to the way things used to be, and I think that’s good for both of them. They need each other. They even have steak and beer together like they used to in Season 1. This episode featured a few things from Season 1, in fact, which is something I enjoyed. Dexter tells Cassie how he likes to bowl, he brings doughnuts when he goes to talk to Zach, and he even uses red string at a crime scene to analyze the blood spatter. This episode, and this season in general, is bringing this show’s story full circle, and I think however it ends will be satisfying. It’s not over yet though, and I’m intrigued by this new storyline they’ve started with Zach Hamilton.

Dexter has been trailing Zach for a week, trying to find proof that he killed Norma Rivera so that Dexter can kill him. But things get complicated when Zach shows up at Vogel’s place. Vogel tells Dexter she’s treating Zach, and that he reminds her of Dexter. She doesn’t want Dexter to kill him without consulting her first. When he finally does get proof that Zach is a killer, he goes to Vogel, and she admits she already knew. She doesn’t want Dexter to kill him because she wants Dexter to teach him. She never tried to teach anyone else the code because she didn’t have Harry, but now she has Dexter, and she wants to work with him to teach Zach the code. When Dexter asks why, Vogel says it’s because Zach reminds her of Dexter.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Dexter ignores Vogel and puts Zach on his table. But when Dexter asks him why he killed Norma and tried to kill his father, Zach tells him that he was trying to protect his mother. His father’s indiscretions have driven his mother to start drinking heavily. Zach can’t stand to see her slowly killing herself, so he tried to fix the problem. He tells Dexter that when he killed Norma it felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. He doesn’t want to be this way, but he is. Dexter realizes that Zach is like him, and he decides to teach him the code. This season we’ve seen Dexter interacting with Harrison quite a bit, especially now that he’s getting older. But now Dexter has a, as he puts it, a spiritual son, one that he doesn’t have to lie to. It’s another relationship we haven’t seen before, and it’s another reason this season is so well done.

Not everyone is doing as well as Dexter though. Batista finally makes a decision and promotes Miller to sergeant, which of course doesn’t make Quinn too happy. So now we’ve got to deal with depressed Quinn again. Or maybe he’ll take it like a grown man and won’t go as far off the rails as he normally does when things don’t go his way. He showed more initiative than ever before in trying to become sergeant, so he might actually be maturing.

Masuka also has a setback. He finds out that Nicki does have some debts, but despite that, he enjoys being with her. So he decides to wait it out and see how things go. He also decides to give her a check for $5,000. Nicki doesn’t take that so well, because even though she has debts, that’s not why she came to Masuka. She gets upset and runs off, but I still don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

Speaking of not seeing the last of someone, Hannah’s back. And not only is she back, but she’s back with some pretty shady methods. This time she drugs Deb and Dexter. This cannot be good news.

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