‘Dexter’ Recap: Are We There Yet? (Season 8, Episode 8)

Dexter, "Are We There Yet?"

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I can hardly write this recap right now because I feel angry and upset and betrayed by the writers. I was a huge fan of Zach, but the powers that be just had to take him away, and I’m pissed off. It was a bummer to see that Dexter had to kill him, and I’ll admit I accepted that Zach probably killed Cassie without a second thought. But then this week we realized it was a misunderstanding, and someone framed Zach. But while Dexter figures out who that is, he can have his protege, who is actually a pretty good student. I was really excited to see more of Zach. But no. Just when things are going good, they change in an instant. And just like that, the Brain Surgeon is back. Honestly, though, I never cared about him that much. I was much more interested in the way Dexter was growing and changing, and Zach was about to become my favorite part of this season. But I’m ranting a bit now, so I’ll move on.

Dexter has been helping Hannah get out of town after killing her husband, which is nothing new for her. But if I can’t have Zach, I’m happy Hannah and Dexter are back together again. I love their relationship, and it’s interesting to watch. As Vogel points out, they make an excellent couple, and a bad one.

It was also interesting to see Deb stop pursuing Hannah. She could have taken her in, but Hannah convinces her that doing so would hurt Dexter, and Deb realizes that’s true. She puts her own feelings aside to make sure Dexter is happy. Deb also considers joining the police force again. She left because she couldn’t handle killing LaGuerta, so maybe her return might help her recover from her PTSD. Elway isn’t giving up on Hannah so easily though, so that’s going to cause some trouble in the future.

Dexter, "Are We There Yet?"

Randy Tepper/Showtime

Nicki is now working at Miami Metro as a lab assistant because Masuka doesn’t want her flashing random strangers for a living. Finally, we’ve found the one situation in which Masuka doesn’t want to see boobs. I’m getting a little tired of this storyline though, to be honest. It doesn’t seem necessary. And all these hints about Nicki’s debts are more annoying than intriguing.

Another storyline that’s getting a bit repetitive is the whole Jamie/Quinn relationship. Jamie gets needy, Quinn doesn’t give her what she wants, Jamie brings up Deb, the two of them argue, Quinn gives in. It’s the same every episode, and it’s getting tiring. If Quinn and Deb are going to get back together, they should get back together already.

Aside from those two things though, this episode was one of my favorites so far. Dexter, Zach, and Hannah were incredibly funny together in a way that you don’t normally see on this show. There’s plenty of humor, but this was something new. The scene where the three of them had dinner around Vogel’s table was fantastic, and their chemistry together throughout the episode was excellent. And I have to say it again, it was a huge bummer that Zach died. There was so much potential in that story. Not even the sex scene makes up for it, and everyone loves sex scenes. But it looks like Hannah’s sticking around for now, so at least we’ve still got that relationship. I can’t see it ending well though. We were told before the season started that this might hurt, and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it yet.

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