‘Dexter’ Recap: Make Your Own Kind of Music (Season 8, Episode 9)

Dexter, Season 8, episode 9Randy Tepper/Showtime

At the beginning of this week’s episode, Dexter tells Vogel he wants to have a life with Hannah. Vogel, though she is surprised and interested by Dexter’s depth of emotion, thinks he needs to control them. Thinking with his heart instead of his head puts him in danger. And he does tend to act irrationally where Hannah is concerned, which could definitely get him in trouble with a U.S. Marshall in town. Elway calls the Marshalls in to find Hannah after Deb came back from the Keys empty-handed. The Marshall questions Dexter a few times, but by the end of the episode he tells Dexter that Hannah’s not a threat anymore. But there’s a good chance that’s a ploy to watch Dexter and see if he leads the Marshall to Hannah.

At this point, it’s obvious that Hannah can’t build a life with Dexter in Florida.There are too many people looking for her. So she asks Dexter to bring Harrison and come with her to Argentina. Dexter, again thinking slightly irrationally, immediately agrees. Harrison loves Hannah, so that shouldn’t be a problem. But the running from the police and trying to forge a new life with a new identity could cause some issues.

Meanwhile, the whole storyline where Jamie constantly compares herself to Deb is finally starting to get a little more interesting. Quinn goes to Deb for help to try to prove Zach killed Cassie. Dexter tells Deb Zach is dead, so that puts her in a bit of tight spot with Quinn. But Deb and Quinn soon shift their focus to Cassie’s boyfriend Oliver Saxon. After doing all this detective work together, Quinn does what’s been obvious since the beginning of this season and kisses Deb. The whole thing is predictably awkward, and I honestly don’t care if it ends up going anywhere. All I really want is for Jamie to stop whining all the time.

Dexter, Season 8, episode 9Randy Tepper/Showtime

Also in Deb news, Batista gave her a badge and invited her to come back to the force. It’s something she wants to do, especially since she and Elway have been a bit rocky lately, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. She’s so immersed in Dexter’s life at this point that it would be too conflicting to be a detective. Then again, if Dexter does end up fleeing to Argentina with Hannah, that might give Deb the space she needs to get her life back in order.

And now on to the big news from this episode — Oliver Saxon, or Daniel Vogel, or the Brain Surgeon, or whatever you want to call him. We know who he is, finally. Saxon used to be Cassie’s boyfriend who no one cared about all that much. Now we find out he’s actually Vogel’s son Daniel. Vogel was married once, and she had two sons. When she found her younger son Richard drowned at the hands of her older son Daniel, she knew he was a psychopath. She and her husband covered up Daniel’s involvement in Richard’s death, and she tried to treat him. But when treatment didn’t work, she sent Daniel to an institution. She thought he died there in a fire, but now he’s back in her life.

When this episode began, Vogel told Dexter to put his emotions aside and cut ties with Hannah because their relationship will never work. At the end of the episode Dexter tries to tell Vogel the same thing in regards to Saxon, but Vogel doesn’t listen. So now we’ve got psychopaths left and right and emotions running rampant, and it’s probably not going to end well for anyone.

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