Magnolia’s Killer ‘Dexter’ Cupcakes Look Like a Delicious Crime Scene

Credit: Magnolia Bakery

Just when we thought collaborations couldn’t get any crazier, Magnolia Bakery brings us the Dexter cupcake. Yes, the very same cupcakery of Sex and the City and Saturday Night Live digital short fame that brought us treats almost too sweet and pretty to eat is also giving us a cupcake based on Showtime’s serial murderer TV show Dexter. Oh yeah, it’s also covered in blood.

To coincide with the premiere of Dexter‘s eighth season, there’s a limited edition red velvet (what else?) edible ode to everyone’s favorite serial killer. The killer confection’s got vanilla frosting, and of course, edible blood (red caramel), and murder weapons (sugar shards) to boot. Thanks to the fine (and possibly insane) folks at Magnolia, you, too, can collect trophies of your slaughters just like Dexter Morgan. Ya know, if you consider inhaling an insanely delicious cupcake in three seconds flat to be slaughterous (we do).

The Dexter cupcake is available exclusively on and at the NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago Magnolia outposts through Sunday, June 30, just in time for the series premiere that night on Showtime. You might want a drop cloth or a crime scene unit to help clean up, the blood and crumbs get everywhere and it looks like you really might have killed someone.

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