‘Dexter’ Season Seven First Look: Could Dexter Kill Deb?

ALTWhen the Dexter cast and crew teamed up for a killer panel during last month’s San Diego Comic Con, it seemed as though a Ukrainian mobster (Ray Stevenson) would be Dex’s (Michael C. Hall) main threat throughout season seven — but the teaser trailer released today suggests otherwise. At the end of season six, Dexter’s eternally loyal and morally upright sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) finally walked in on a kill, and the footage released at Con showed her reacting to that discovery for the first few minutes of next season’s September premiere. As it turns out, her completely appropriate moral freakout won’t be contained to the premiere — it will be a driving force throughout the whole season, when Dexter finds that the greatest threat to his freedom could be his very own sister:

Of course, the trailer let us in on some other intriguing challenges headed Dexter’s way — there’s that creepy lab tech Louis (Josh Cooke), who is obsessed with season one’s Ice Truck Killer and now apparently hellbent on seeing Dexter lying in a pool of his own urine. Then there’s LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), who discovers a blood slide at the church scene, which will inevitably re-open that whole Bay Harbor Butcher debacle. Still, the greatest threat of all seems to be coming from Deb, who may or may not turn Dex in at any moment. Does she have what it takes to betray her own fake-brother? Could he really kill her? Guess we’ll find out Sept. 30! Check out the two minute sneak peek below, in case you missed it:

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