The Diablo Cody Reality Show Is the Most Exciting of the New TBS Schedule

Credit: Ann Heisenfelt/AP Photo

It’s been six years since Juno won Diablo Cody an Oscar, but now her career is taking a very different turn: television. She’s not going to be writing a show, but she’s going to be showing us all around Hollywood in her TBS reality show Me Time with Diablo Cody. Huh, the title makes it sound more about massages and reading magazines in a comfy chair. 

The network unveiled all of their new shows at their upfront on Wednesday (jeez, even your cousin’s YouTube channel seems like it has an upfront these days) and this show seemed to be the best of the bunch. We also heard about Steve Carell cop parody Tribeca, the self-explanatory Bad Parents, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me which is about Jamie Foxx and some of the movie roles he chooses, old/young odd couple comedy Dream House, barbershop comedy Clipsters, and Cheeseheads, which is about the fans of the Green Bay Packers, not a sci-fi show about people who live on the moon and are made out of cheese. 

TBS slogan is “Very funny.” Let’s hope that at least the Diablo Cody show is!

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