Did Drake Out-host ‘SNL’ Host Anna Faris This Weekend?

This weekend, Anna Faris hosted the SNL Halloween episode (which wasn’t all that Halloween-y) with musical guest Drake. Sure, we enjoyed the opening monologue in which Fred Armisen took a whack at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city’s methods in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Sure, Faris was her usual adorable self and Drake only took on two sketches, so he didn’t quantitatively out-host her. But it was a pretty lackluster episode, so we’re pitting two sketches against eachother: the double Anna Faris monologue and Drake’s variety of interviews in the SNL Digital Short. It’s basically cute and self-depreciative humor versus charming and self-depreciative humor with slightly better jokes. Take a look at these sketches and decide for yourself — but the interview video is funnier.