‘Diva’ Eva Longoria Calls a Cab after Her Car Is Towed

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was forced to behave like a diva during a recent shopping trip when her car was towed away.

The actress popped out to pick up socks during a break from filming last week but failed to beat Los Angeles’ strict parking enforcement laws.

When she returned to where she’d illegally parked, her car had disappeared and Longoria was forced to call Desperate Housewives bosses and ask them to order her a cab.

The red-faced star was left further embarrassed when she got in the wrong cab.

She recalls, “I was standing there with this New York woman who was also waiting for a taxi and I thought, ‘She’s gonna steal my cab.’

“So, when the car pulled up I dashed to it and got in. Then the driver said, ‘Are you Sally?’ It was her cab!”

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