TARDIS, Electronic Screwdriver, & Other ‘Doctor Who’ Gadgets We Want

Watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary extravaganza reminded us that we want to live in a world where the Doctor exists. Not just because the Doctor is a fantastic person and the protector of Earth from all things bad and alien, but also because then a lot of the cool technologies featured on the show would exist as well. Since we’ve seen a lot of neat gadgets in Doctor Who over the past half-century, it was hard to decide which ones we’d want the most, but some were definitely guaranteed to make the list.

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Fob Watch

Although it might look like a simple pocket watch, the fob watch used in Doctor Who has the power to create whole new alternate universes. For instance, a world made of shrimp, if you like that sort of thing.

Vortex Manipulator

Used by Jack Harkness to travel around in time, it’s a handy-dandy device that any would-be space traveler needs to own.


A Time Lord’s best friend, K-9 is a robotic canine (get it??) that makes for a good companion and a useful member of the team. We wonder if the K-9 comes in French bulldog. 

Sonic Screwdriver

This simple-looking device has changed as often as the Doctor has regenerated, but it’s still one of the most important tools in the Time Lord’s arsenal. It can unlock almost any door, check alien readings, and it even has a wood setting.


It’s bigger on the inside! (Or smaller on the outside.) The TARDIS, which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, is not only the Doctor’s way of traversing the universe; it’s also his oldest friend. Kind of like a cowboy and his horse (but don’t tell the TARDIS we said that, she probably wouldn’t like the analogy.)