Whovian’s Rejoice: Nine Missing Episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ Have Been Found in Nigeria!

They found some missing Doctor Who episodes in Nigeria that were thought to be lost forever and released them on iTunesWENN

In a turn of events that only seems possible due to some kind of glitch in the laws of time and space, nine previously misplaced episodes of classic Doctor Who were discovered in Nigeria. Of all places.

These nine episodes, which date back to the 1960s, were part of a group of 106 that were thought to be lost forever. They went missing in the days before conserving and preserving episodes of television was commonplace. Of course, no one could predict that Doctor Who would become the world wide phenomenon it is today. The tapes were recovered at a television station in Nigeria by archivist Phillip Morris.

The uncovered episodes are part of two serials starring the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, that are called “The Web of Fear” and “The Enemy of the World.” Both previously unreleased serials have already been made available for download via iTunes with the missing episodes added in. “The Web of Fear” is still missing one yet to be recovered segment, but that missing episode was reconstructed with photos and surviving audio. This is a huge turn of events for Whovians the world over since these episodes haven’t been seen since they were first broadcast almost 50 years ago. Doctor Who has a long and fluid history of classic villains and plotlines that still carry weight in the series’ current incarnation, so the discovery of these lost episodes is delightful news for fans and creators alike.