‘Doctor Who’ Recap: The Almost People

S06E06: Well, now that we’re back with Doctor Who after two weeks away and a week behind the Brits, isn’t everything so exciting? Now, if you don’t necessarily believe in letting the corporate overlords tell you when people are going to be watching TV, you probably kept up with the British fans and saw this week’s epsiode last week and next week’s episode this week already. Got your weeks straight? But as we say… spoilers! Let’s keep things civilized and just pretend to only be a week behind, shall we?

Now, was this a satisfactory ending for a two-parter? Yeah, I’d say so for the most part. It answered all the questions, gave us the thrills, and set us up for the next episode. But it also had the heavy-handed message attached to it, got a little jumpy, and threw some weird stuff at us just to be weird. So, it’s not exactly the best episode ever but this is Doctor Who we’re talking about and a mediocre Doctor is still better than a good 99 percent of the known universe and inversed -57 percent of the unknown.

“Well because… we are. I’m the Doctor and so am I. We both contain the knowledge of over 900 years of memory and experience. We both wear the same bowtie. Which is cool. Because bowties are. And always will be.” – the Doctors


Where’d we end two weeks ago? Oh right! TWO DOCTORS! Now, I am sure that was an exciting thought to all who overlap in the fan-fic writing and group sex enthusiast venn diagram bubbles, but for us boring watchers it just meant twice the clever dialogue — which works for me. Not being the dedicated classic Who fan as I should be, I missed most of the importance of him spouting off classic lines from past Doctor episodes initially, but on the second time around I caught most of them. Again, wish I knew more about them, but I always appreciate them winking at the past.

Now, the interesting thing about having a Flesh Doctor and Flesh Gangers in general was all the questions it brought up. Like if you have all the memories of a person and look exactly like them, aren’t you that person? Obviously, the Doctor thought so since he made one of the Gangers actually become his real person, but that was for the sake of the kid (it’s always for the kids!) even though Amy didn’t really think so. In her view the original Doctor was the ONLY Doctor and I kinda fall in line with her. I’ve been sucked into the world of the Doctor and only he can be him. A copy is just that: a copy. Almost, but not quite. However, the Doctor seems to have other ideas about the Flesh since they swapped shoes and Amy couldn’t tell the difference.

And that’s where the episode kind of lost me. It really beat us over the head with the symbolism of how the Flesh are people too. Especially with Jennifer and Rory’s whole deal and them finding the pile of discarded Flesh. Like, we already knew they treated the Flesh poorly, we’ve seen them disintegrate into a vat of acid. Beat us over the head with it a little more please. I couldn’t quite get the message that THESE ARE PEOPLE TOO.

“I never thought it possible. You’re twice the man I thought you were.” – Amy


Next week folks. Spoilers…

But then things would jump around quickly to hit on all the points the writers had to absolutely say. First, we had Rory try to figure out which was the Ganger and which was the real Jennifer. You can’t really have copies of people and not have a stand off like that. Jump around some more and the leader tells the offshore rescue a code word, ah, but the Ganger correctly guesses the word! Because that’s what every copy story would do! I mean, I appreciate them hitting on all these themes because they really are interesting, but I wish we could’ve slowed down and really gotten a real Who experience out of them. Like I would’ve rather seen a guessing game between the Gangers and the real people because the hardest thing in the world would be trying to outguess yourself. But nope, instead, we get a hallway with eyeballs on the wall because that makes absolute sense. And yeah, we’ll never say anything about that again. Makes total sense.

Ah, I’m hating too much on this episode. It was a classic Who situation, where we get a little heav- handed on the themes, a little weird to be weird, and a tad bit scatterbrained. It was still a fun episode and having two Doctors really brought it to life, but then the final three minutes happened and…


Amy has been a Ganger the entire time this season (a quick check on the internets shows that the executive producer confirms this) and she is pregnant. Cut to a little more time with the Eye Patch Lady and BOOM Amy goes into labor. Say what you will about the episode, but holy hell that was an ending. And considering that Steven Moffat has always said that next week’s is going to end on one hell of a cliffhanger (which it does), this was the perfect set-up for it. I’m giddy with excitement.

So yeah, we’ll be back next week to talk about stuff that they’re already talking about in the UK. Thanks BBC America!