‘Doctor Who’ Season Finale Will Reveal The Doctor’s Name

Holy crap, fellow Whovians. The poster for the Doctor Who Series 7 finale has just been revealed, and to say it’s a shocker would be an understatement. Called “The Name of the Doctor” the episode will, you guessed it, name the freaking Doctor after 50 years. It will also, of course, feature River Song (yay!).

The question is — is this something that we want? We were first exposed to the idea of the Doctor revealing his name last year during Series 6, as the Silence believed that this “terrible secret” would cause silence to fall. So what will happen once the big name is finally revealed? Is the strange appearance of Clara Oswald in the Doctor’s life (three times) somehow involved? And do we want to know this name? Maybe he’ll just scream it out while a bunch of explosions are happening so we won’t actually have to hear it, like in The Neverending Story. But this poster suggests otherwise:

Credit: BBC America

I’m speechless. Let me know what you think of the poster/prospect of learning his name, as I’m at a loss.

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