‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Canceled: The Top Five Controversies

Dog the Bounty HunterA&E has decided that eight tumultuous — but not unsuccessful — seasons of its unscripted series Dog the Bounty Hunter were enough; the show has been canceled.

Duane “Dog” Chapman starred on Bounty Hunter, which followed Chapman and his family as they led “fugitive recovery” efforts in Colorado and Hawaii.

Although the series boasted a large and loyal following, the frequent controversy — both on and off the screen — reached even the most ardent non-viewers of Bounty Hunter. Here are our top five:

1. Nov. 2, 2007: The “N-Word”

Production and airing of season 4 episodes were suspended indefinitely after audio of Chapman using the “N-word” surfaced. He later apologized on Larry King Live, and Bounty Hunter returned in June 2008.

2. July 13, 2011: The Colorado Bar Brawl

After allegedly being called a “half-breed” by a Colorado bar owner, Chapman was captured on camera screaming, “Come on, white boy. Come on, motherf***er.” It was preceded, and followed, by a brawl — and a black eye for at least one guy.

3. April 21, 2009: The Shot That Backfired

While filming Season 7, Chapman was allegedly shot at by a man named Hoang Nguyen. Not only was his attempted murder charged eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence and conflicting accounts of the event, but Nguyen wound up suing Chapman and his sons, claiming that he lost his job and had to relocate as a result of the incident.

4. March 21, 2012: Not All in the Family

Chapman’s sons Duane Lee and Leland quit the show — and the family when the going got really tough. (This actually took place in 2011 but wasn’t seen by viewers until this season.)

5. March 15, 2011: Papa Don’t Preach

“Baby” Lyssa, Chapman’s daughter and Bounty Hunter regular, is arrested in Hawaii for criminal property damage and harassment. Lyssa later claims she was “drugged” on the night of her arrest.

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