Doggone it! ‘Modern Family’ Replaces Stella

Stella Modern FamilyIn what can only be described as the most devastating casting news of the upcoming fall season, TMZ has reported that Modern Family will be replacing the adorable French Bulldog that plays Stella (Brigitte) with a new pup named Beatrice for the upcoming new season.

It turns out that Brigitte–whose lack of participation was noticeable in the lawsuit against the network earlier this month–did not have a formal contract in place with the network. In fact, she was leased to the show via Hollywood animal agency Good Dog Animals, who decided (for undisclosed reasons) that they no longer wanted to work with Brigitte, and hired Beatrice. ABC then decided to lease Beatrice for the role instead.

Listen, ABC: we’ve got a bone to pick with you! How could you toss Brigitte aside like an old chew toy? What has she ever done to you other than be an adorable, wrinkly-faced ball of perfection? Classically trained in the go-fetch style of acting, Brigitte’s comedic performances were unparalleled in the animal world. And you just unleash her for a younger pup with no explanation? That’s colder than the water in the toilet bowl. It really is dog-eat-dog out there, isn’t it? This is a bone-a-fido disaster. Team Brigitte!

We have reached out to both ABC and Brigitte’s rep for comment.

[Image Credit: ABC]

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