Dominic West Brings Swagger To BBC Version Of ‘Mad Men’

Dominic WestThere are just some things that are too awesome to conceive. The Wire is one of the greatest television programs of all time and Dominic West starred as the boozy McNulty. Mad Men is one of the greatest shows on air right now. The BBC is one of the greatest stations in the world that continuously produces very high quality programs.

Now let’s combine the three of them! BBC will produce a Mad Men style period piece drama. However, instead of the world of advertising in 1960s New York City, it will be about London journalism during the 1950s. And it will star West. I don’t even know when it is coming out but I have already cleared my entire schedule around this.

Seriously. Get excited. I’m not even going to write any more about this. I think my writing will just diminish the level of excitement you should have for this show. I know that excitement on the internet is usually blown over the top and unwarranted, but this show. This show. Will. Be. Epic.

Source: SkyTV via Warming Glow