‘Don’t Trust the B’ On Your Computer Screen: All 8 Unaired Eps Now Online


Maybe the titular ‘B’ in Apartment 23 couldn’t be trusted, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t cut down before her prime, when the show had only hit its stilettoed stride. The biting ABC comedy,  starring Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker, and James Van Der Beek, only got one-and-a-half measly seasons, but thankfully, as it was announced last month, we’ll get our final fill of Don’t Trust the B

The eight remaining episodes of Season 2 that weren’t aired are now available to watch on Hulu. That’s right, the b**ch is back, and totally free! In fact, you should just kick back, relax, and enjoy them all right now. If your boss has a problem with that, well just give them your best Chloe-isms. They’ll probably back off. 

Here’s one of the eight episodes, titled “Monday June”: 

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