Doug Ellin Promises To Make the ‘Entourage’ Movie, Teases Series Finale

Entourage HBO MovieIf Sex and the City gets multiple full-length features, why can’t “Sex and The City for guys” get one too? Now that Entourage is coming to an end, the boys are talking about next steps and since every show that ends seems to feel the need to tease a movie nowadays (and Entourage had already been doing so for years) creator Doug Ellin dropped the no-so shocking bombshell at the TCA summer press tour:

I’ve said that if I have to finance it myself, I’ll do it… We’re gonna do a movie. It’s just a question of when and how quick… and then we’ll make it happen.

Well, there you have it. Even as a loyal fan of the long-lived Tinsel Town romp, I’m not sure a movie is the best idea. The show is pretty well played out, our characters need to ride off onto Sunset Boulevard and stop having trouble making movies, not delve into real-life back and forth and failed negotiations for one final big screen run. We love our boys, but it’s time for them to say goodbye.

As for the series-ender, the boys told the folks at TCA that there will be no deaths, it won’t be left open-ended, and that we can expect “a vibe of where we were back in year one.” So why not leave it on that note, Mr. Ellin?

Do you want to see an Entourage movie? Or are you ready to bid the boys adieu?

Source: TVLine