‘Downton Abbey’ Will Be Getting Its First Black Cast Member and a Party Boy for Season 4

Downton Abbey Casting

Last month we suggested that black British (well, I can’t call him African-American!) actor Idris Elba should get a job on Season 4 of Downton Abbey, the most popular costume drama in the English-speaking world. Little did we know that the soap would be needing a black actor for a totally different character.

According to British newspaper The Sun who got a hold of some casting briefs for the show, it is looking to cast Jack Ross, who would be the show’s first featured black character. Ross is described as “black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma.” He’s a jazz musician who works at a fancy London night club. I would have to guess that he’s going to be a paramour for Cousin Rose, who is going to be joining the Lord and Lady Grantham from Scotland for the year and has already shown a penchant for Le Jazz Hot, as Victor/Victoria would call it.

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We already reported that they’re looking to cast Lord Anthony Gillingham, a new love interest for the bereaving Mary, but they’ve also put out a call for Sir John Bullock, a party boy who must be able to act like a drunk.

Who do you think should star on the show? We need someone who we can cast before March 23 when they start filming the season. Maybe we can get Donald Glover for Jack Ross (who sounds American anyway) and Rupert Grint, who has nothing better to do and I’m sure can play wasted, as Lord Anthony? Let’s make it happen, ITV.

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