Dr. Justin Bieber Psychoanalyzes Lady Gaga: Late Last Night

Justin Bieber expected to win at the Grammys and he was disappointed when he didn’t. Hey, at least he’s honest. He’s also willing to admit that Lady Gaga is weird and that he was afraid to hug her in that meat dress. I’m not usually a Bieber fan, but I have to admit, dude’s on the money about Gaga.

Lady Gaga took her opportunity to speak yet again; boy does she love the sound of her own voice. At least she was able to bring along her Valentines — her Grammys filled with M&Ms which I’m pretty sure is against the Grammy rules. You probably don’t want to hear more about that freaking egg from the Grammys, but hey, she’s still got the dinosaur ridges all over her face so that’s fun.

Oh yeah. Some Sports Illustrated super models doing the Top Ten. Happy belated Valentine’s Day.

Jimmy Fallon convinces January Jones (how is it possible to be THAT pretty?) to dress like Cupid and shoot hearts for shots of champagne because he has “butt loads of class.” Indeed.