Dr. Yang is Finally Capable of Feeling Emotions

Grey's Anatomy, Sandra OhABC/Getty

Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Meredith Grey have lost the love. They’ve been like sisters on Grey’s Anatomy. The two have endured surgery screw-ups, deaths, relationship issues and other best-bud hurdles.

But their friendship is being tested. It has been disturbed by a career gap that can’t be filled. Yang (Sandra Oh) has developed into a superstar surgeon while Grey (Ellen Pompeo) juggles a family and medical career.

The tension began this season when Yang straight up told Grey they were not equals in the operating room. While both have known this all these years, Yang never dared to thumb it in her best friend’s face. Their friendship grew farther apart when Yang received a half-hearted invite from Grey to a Halloween gathering. Grey even left a message to bring cupcakes if she showed up.

Yang did show up with bright orange frosting cupcakes. Yet everyone at the kid-centered party never noticed Yang showed up. That wounded her soul a bit.

And the love life of the great Dr. Yang is deteriorating as well. Her marriage to Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) went south and it’s clear she’s jealous of her ex’s new love interest.

For the first time ever, the impenetrable Dr. Yang is emotionally hurt. Grey has always been there for support. Not anymore. Even when Yang was stood up at the altar by Isaiah Washington’s Dr. Preston Burke, it wasn’t as big a deal as watching Hunt pursue someone else. Then again, that was a quick fix for the Grey’s writing staff to get rid of Washington’s character.

All of this must be setting up Yang’s departure. It’s no secret, Oh has announced this will be her final season. Unfortunately, it appears the bond between Yang and Grey is reaching the critical stage, especially after an underhanded move by Yang this past week. It was nice knowing you, Dr. Yang.