‘Duck Dynasty’ Officially Beats ‘American Idol’ and Everything Else in the Ratings

Credit: Gurney Productions

Last night on the Duck Dynasty Season 3 finale, A&E’s first family of rednecks went to Hawaii. They did not find a cursed idol like Greg Brady. No, they actually beat an idol; they beat it right into the ground. In the ratings that is!

The show clocked 9.6 million viewers, which is not only a giant audience for cable, but a giant audience anywhere. 5.5 million of those viewers were in the prized 18-to-49 year-old demographic that advertisers crave like a man with a giant beard eating an ice cream cone craves a napkin. In the demographic, which is really all that matters, Duck Dynasty not only defeated every show on cable, but also every show on the major networks, including former ratings juggernaut American Idol

Yes, but who the heck are these nearly 10 million people? The same ones watching The Bible, NCIS, Two and a Half Men, and every other show out there media elites find ridiculous that the public just loves. 632,000 people watched the second season finale of Girls. Just sayin’. 

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