Dustin Diamond to Cash in on Sex-Tape Scandal

Former Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond has stunned fans by choosing to take a cut of the profits from of his notorious sex tape instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to ban its release.

Diamond, who played nerdy Screech on the 1990s high school series, claims he wasn’t looking for a second career when he filmed himself having sex with two women four years ago.

He tells Us Weekly magazine, “I’m not an adult actor. I did something stupid in private.”

Diamond, who is dating his manager, Jennifer Misner, claims he and some pals each made sex tapes as a joke.

He says that someone leaked his tape, but insists he doesn’t know who.

Although he initially threatened to sue, the 29-year-old has now decided to make a profit on the 40-minute sex tape, tentatively titled Saved by the Smell, which will be released next month.

Diamond explains, “I thought, I can spend a fortune fighting this or I can try and make a fortune.”

He adds, “Let’s just say, if I were a small man, it would be worse.”

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