‘DWTS’ Judge Carrie Ann: Martina and Donald Could Be In Trouble

carrie ann inabaCould this be the best season yet? Dancing with the Stars is back and last week the competition was so good on March 19 that scores of 8 and 9 actually came out on a regular basis from Bruno, Len and Carrie Ann. Jaleel White shocked the world, showing that Steve Urkel can dance! Tonight, ABC’s blockbuster show returns and judge Carrie Ann Inaba joined Hollywood.com on a call to discuss and predict the future of Season 14.

Jaleel is definitely one of the frontrunners in her eyes but in usual Carrie Ann fashion, she is rooting for underdogs like Gavin DeGraw. Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya might be a “power couple” and William Levy has chemistry with everyone, she joked. The two athletes, Martina Navratilova and Donald Driver, might be in Jeopardy and lifts are still a no-no, but one thing is certain: this is the most talented season of DWTS yet!

An excited Carrie Ann had a lot to say about all the talent on Season 14 and who she thinks will be making it past the second episode:

She Was Surprised Last Week

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a season with this much talent all grouped together. I don’t think I gave out anything less than a 7, which is very, very rare. I was surprised with William Levy … Not only is he a soap opera star, he’s got some really great moves. Gladys Knight surprised me. I don’t know why and it makes me giggle and makes me so happy. She’s legendary, she’s somebody I have so much respect for with her singing career, so it’s nice to see it’s also true of her dancing … like that rhythm was just moving through her in ways I haven’t seen! It’s like this mature connection to the music that’s just exciting, haven’t seen that before. I was blown away by Katherine Jenkins and Jaleel White and Roshon.”

She’s not Afraid to Make Predictions

“When you say potential to go far, it’s a different question that who is the best dancer. There’s some people that I think I am interested to see how they do, I tend to root for underdogs. It’s just my nature and Gavin DeGraw, I’m very curious to see how he’s going to develop … because he comes from such a different background and he’s got this sort of tender, not awkwardness, but you know he’s not quite comfortable yet in his body, I’m looking forward to see when he does have that breakthrough … And I’m looking forward to see how Jaleel does. He blew me away but because they were so good, I will tell you as a judge that allows for us to be a lot more critical with our eyes. We can now look into details with each performance.”

Who’s Got the Best Chemistry?

“I think Cheryl and William have some chemistry but I think William might have chemistry with everybody! I think Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya have good chemistry, I think they might be a power couple. Jaleel and Kym I think have really well-matched energies, she’s such a showgirl and he’s such a showman, I’m excited to see that. I’m gonna say that Derek and Maria have chemistry that I’m interested to see because she wasn’t a standout, she did really well but she wasn’t a standout and they seem to have a good energy together.”

Martina and Donald on the Chopping Block?

“I think Martina might be in jeopardy. I think Donald might be in jeopardy as well, oddly that one surprised me. I thought he would have been a little bit better than he was when he came out of the gate. Maybe Melissa, I’d say those three might be in jeopardy.”

Don’t Hide Behind the Dance

“I try to look for all of it. I try to be the balance with Len and Bruno. I always need to see the performance as a whole but if the technique is not there I cannot give it the great scores. For me, it all has to work together as a performance and you have to be true to the moment and the dance at the time and sort of let it all hang loose. If you are hiding behind the moves, I get really sensitive to that and don’t like it. I don’t like when people are pretending … And lifts of course, as we all know. I don’t like lifts. Actually I do like lifts, it’s just that it’s a rule and for some reason, Len and Bruno don’t care about the rule but the rule is on my desk every night … because it keeps it a level playing field for the older dancers.”

Dancing with the Stars airs 8 p.m. ET/PT March 26 on ABC.