‘DWTS’ Katherine Jenkins: America’s Next Sweetheart

dancing with the starsDancing With the Stars started its 14th season off with a bang on March 19 as every single contestant exceeded both the crowd’s and the judges’ expectations. But there was one person in particular who shined not only in musicality, but in personality as well: Katherine Jenkins.

The Welsh opera singer topped the leaderboard in the opening show, earning herself and her dance partner Mark Ballas an incredible 26 out of 30 points for their fox trot.

However, beyond her natural dancing abilities is a sweet, down-to-earth person, who will undoubtedly gain more and more likability as the season progresses. Her kind demeanor coupled with her obvious beauty and adorable Welsh accent will surly make her a favorite among viewers.

In fact, even if Jenkins wasn’t as great of a dancer (which she definitely is), she still wouldn’t be facing elimination for quite some time based just on her personality alone, making her the perfect fit for America’s next sweetheart.

And she’s got just the right dance partner for the job. Mark Ballas is usually paired with the sweetheart of the bunch, nabbing the likes of Cheetah Girls star Sabrina Bryan in Season 5 and Chelsea Kane in Season 12. And it’s been a coupling that’s worked rather well throughout the years.

In Season 6 (Ballas’ second year participating in the dance competition), he won the Mirror Ball trophy with popular Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi and again in Season 8 with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson. And while you could credit the victories purely on their athletic background, they were also extremely likable, which undoubtedly helped their chances.

Of course, there have been a few exceptions to the rule, like when Ballas was partnered with Kim Kardashian and Shannen Doherty, which severely decreased his season rankings (earning a measly eleventh place with both women). But for the most part, he’s the No. 1 guy for America’s No. 1 gal, and Jenkins is definitely next on that list.