‘DWTS’ Recap: Katherine Jenkins Takes a Tumble

dancing with the starsMay 14’s performances on Dancing With the Stars made for a phenomenal night of dancing. Each of the remaining four couples took to the dance floor with gusto, proving that they all equally deserve their shot in the finals. But with great dancing, came great emotions — especially for the very talented Katherine Jenkins who suffered an unfortunate misstep at the very end of her routine.

It was unclear as to whether Jenkins was crying out from sheer disappointment or in actual pain, but either way it was heartbreaking to watch since she’s been the main frontrunner for the majority of the season. However, the stumble didn’t seem to faze the judges one bit since they awarded her a 27 out of 30 for the routine. Since the incident, the opera singer tweeted about the faux pas, writing, “I’m with the Doctor, he says it was a reflectorical spasm in my lower back.”

Jenkins’ dance partner, Mark Ballas, also took to Twitter to say a few words about the situation. “Sry guys we couldn’t finish R dance. Katherine hurt her back, I tried my best not let her fall at the end 🙂 hope we still have ur votes,” Ballas wrote.

Neither of them mentioned if Jenkins was too injured to dance if she makes it to the finals. Let’s hope that isn’t the case because, as we all know by now, this girl really deserves to be there. We need that Welsh Wiggle.

As for the rest of the competitors, Maria Menounos and Derek Hough performed two sensational dances, and earned yet another perfect score for their sexy Argentine Tango. Seriously though, when are these two going to just come out and say that they’re dating because their chemistry is just too good for them not to be.

William Levy and Cheryl Burke also saw a perfect score that night with their sizzling Samba. Not many guys would be able to rock out a silky, hot pink shirt, but Levy manages to make it work. But this guy is more than just eye candy — he really knows how to move. In the words of the great Bruno: “I’m going to die with bum envy!” We’ll definitely be seeing him in the finals.

And though Donald Driver has yet to get a “Ten from Len” he still managed to hold his own in an elegant Waltz and sexy Samba. This guy has become just as home on the dance floor as he is on the football field.

But it’s going to be a tough decision for America tonight. Only three points separate the top and bottom of the leaderboard, which means the decision for three duos in the final showdown will depend mostly on each couples’ popularity. 

Which dancing duo will you have trouble living without? Who needs to boot scoot off that dance floor?


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