‘DWTS’ Results: Should We Judge the Judges?

dancing with the starsDancing With the Stars has had its fair amount of shockers throughout the past 14 seasons, and May 1 was no exception. After Roshon Fegan and Jaleel White faced off against each other in the final Dance Duel of the season, the judges chose to eliminate White from the competition — a decision that left both fans and fellow contestants a little puzzled, leading us to question the judges’ hasty ruling.

White has been up and down since day one, but it was just last week that the judges welcomed him back into the competition with open arms. In fact, he even tied Katherine Jenkins in a well earned first place, so how did an potential frontrunner fall so far from the top so fast? The Dance Duel might not be as reliable as we’d initially hoped.

It certainly has some advantages, but its biggest flaw is the fact that the judges are only supposed to make their decision based on one performance and not take the couples’ dance history into consideration at all. This seems a little extreme given that these contestants have seven weeks of professional dancing under their belts. Their past accomplishments should at least help them out a little bit.

But whether or not you agree with the judges’ decision, it was definitely the hardest decision they’ve had to make by far. Melissa Gilbert’s consistently low scores would have made for the ideal elimination, but she earned enough votes to stay out of the bottom two, leaving two very talented stars to take the fall. As soon as that happened I knew I wouldn’t be happy with either decision. When you’re dealing with a group as talented as this one you’re eventually going to get to the point where no results decision is the right one. Neither Fegan nor White deserved to go home, but when it comes to who had the greater potential to make it to the finals, I’d have to go with White.

Not to mention the fact that the judges are given an insanely short amount of time to make their final decision. Who’s to say if given an extra minute to think it over they wouldn’t have experienced a change of heart? It just doesn’t give viewers much confidence in the outcome. This is the first time where I truly feel that the judges’ decision wasn’t the right one.

What do you think? Did the judges sent the right contestant home or did the Dance Duel fail to save the better dancer? Sound off in the comments below!

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