‘DWTS’ Shocking Elimination Proves That No One Is Safe

dancing with the starsShocking — that’s the only way to describe last night’s elimination on Dancing With the Stars. Between Melissa Gilbert’s mild concussion (which prevented her from appearing on April 10’s results show), and the many other twists and turns this season has presented so far, it’s safe to say that any amount of predictability has been severely thrown out the window — especially after last night’s show.

While it’s not uncommon for a results show to contain a little bit of a shock value, this one managed to send both the judges and contestants reeling as Sherri Shepherd was asked to hang up her dancing shoes for good. For the majority of the competition, Shepherd has remained in the middle of the pack, neither earning the highest nor the lowest scores from the judges. But as this show has proven in the past, scores only get a contestant so far — it’s the votes that really count, and unfortunately, poor Shepherd came up short.

And, as expected, she was a bundle of emotion, probably because she was just as shocked about the elimination as the rest of us. She may not have been the best, but she certainly wasn’t the worst, so she was definitely sent home before her time. Plus, she provided such a welcome amount of comic relief — something that will be sorely missed during next week’s rehearsal packages.

But the really crazy part about last night was that even the likes of Katherine Jenkins and William Levy were legitimately concerned they could be sent home, which further shows just how stiff the competition really is. No one — not even the couples at the top of the leaderboard — are guaranteed to not have to sweat it out in the hot seat. Roshon Fegan received the second highest scores for his Viennese Waltz this week and yet he ended up in the bottom two alongside Shepherd. Meanwhile, Gladys Knight received enough fan support to avoid the hot seat despite the fact that she had received the lowest scores of the night. Even Gavin DeGraw managed to break his streak of being placed in the bottom two.

Basically, it was a night where anything was possible and absolutely no one felt safe. In a way, Season 14 kind of feels like a double edged sword, especially for the pros. The good news is that they all have incredibly talented partners, but the bad news is — so does everybody else. And the pressure is really starting to show. Seriously, I haven’t seen a group of adults this stressed since Regis Philbin announced that he was retiring from the Regis & Kelly show (what can I say, I run with a pretty tough crowd). But to be fair, that was a rough day for all  of us.

The point is though that absolutely no one is safe and anyone could be sent home. Even fortune tellers would have a hard time predicting the outcomes of these results shows, so if these couples hope to stick it out to the finals they’re really going to have to amp up their game because this competition is fierce.

What did you think about this week’s results show? Were you just as surprised by Shepherd’s shocking elimination? Who would you have chosen to end up in the bottom two?