Ed Burns and Michael Rapaport Star in ‘Entourage’ Creator’s New HBO Pilot

Ed BurnsDoug Ellin is pretty much in the mindset that any HBO show about four guys making fun of each other is going to rake in substantial viewership. He’s apparently aged with significance mentally over the course of the last seven years. In 2004, he put his foursome in their twenties and stuck them on the brink of showbiz. And now, he’s taking a look at a later life stage… and one to which more than 5 percent of the population can relate. Edward Burns and Michael Rapaport will be two of the main characters in 40, a pilot that follows four friends trying to deal with life at the age of… here’s the kicker… 40.

Burns himself had a recurring stint on Entourage, as well as a role in Saving Private Ryan. He will play an out-of-work former executive of Bear Sterns (I’ve heard of them, so they must be big) with a wife and children.

Rapaport, who sounds like he’s in a perpetual argument with someone outside of a Brooklyn bodega, will play a “neurotic everyman,” who’s also married.

No word on the other two characters or actors just yet, but one can suspect something from the grab-bag of boorish loudmouth, unflappable ladies man, and apathetic drug-aficionado.

Source: Deadline