Ed Helms on ‘SNL’: The Skits You Missed

One of the most lovable comedic actors around, Ed Helms, hosted SNL this weekend and while I’d normally complain to the ends of the earth that, once again, NBC removed his monologue from their online videos of the episode, I can’t do that. I still love Mr. Helms, that has not changed. However, his monologue, for those of us who saw it, was about as painful as the growing pains story it aimed to turn into comedy. It’s a little strange that it was so incredibly awkward because Helms is no stranger to standup; it should have gone down without a hitch. Unfortunately, Helms was just a little flat and awkward in his monologue and throughout the episode. We still love him though!

On the upside, there were a few moments that as a human being who likes to talk to other human beings about awesome things famous human beings have done, you should really know about. (Oddly, most of them don’t feature that much Helms.)

First, we have the return of Robert Smigel’s Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon, but this time it got just a little more absurd with a little bit of help from Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell. Fun fact: two of these guys were the original voice actors for The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Really big hint: it’s probably not Hamm or Fallon.

Then we’ve got yet another edition of the ridiculously overused “What Up With That” sketch, which I am only noting because after months and months of Bill Hader’s silent Lindsey Buckingham impression, the real Lindsey stopped by to drop a little Fleetwood Mac action on the set. (He played guitar, you weirdos.)

Finally, it was a bit of a weak episode, but in honor of my latest addition to my list of funny lady heroines (seriously, go see Bridesmaids; it’s great), Kristen Wiig busted out her usual awesome schtick as Ann Margaret trying to throw something in a wastepaper basket. The reference is probably lost on a lot of people, but Wiig makes it work.