Eddie Izzard Joins ‘The Munsters’ Reboot ‘Mockingbird Lane’

Eddie IzzardWhatever you feel about Bryan Fuller’s developing reboot of The Munsters, you can’t deny the talent in its first official cast member. Comedian Eddie Izzard has signed on to join the NBC sitcom, now titled Mockingbird Lane. He will be playing the role of Grandpa Munster, an elderly vampire (sometimes referred to as Count Dracula himself) originally portrayed by Al Lewis.

Although Izzard is known best for his stand-up comedy, the actor delivered an impressive dramatic performance in the FX series The Riches. His unique brand of talent will be channeled in Mockingbird Lane, which, unlike its source material, takes the form of a one-hour drama, according to pilot director Bryan Singer.

Izzard is quite a leap from the original incarnation of Grandpa, who took the form of an aged, curmudgeonly Brooklynite. If there’s one thing that contemporary pop culture has taught us, it’s that vampires do not age very much, which should set to rest all qualms with Izzard being too young to play the character. As far as the accent goes, a British vampire might be more conducive to a one-hour drama.

Who else should join the Mockingbird Lane cast?