Sit Your Kids In Front of These Educational Netflix Programs

The Magic School BusPBS

There is a ton of children’s programming on Netflix. Like grownup TV, some of it is interesting and informative, while other shows are, well, crap. Here are a few shows available on Netflix that you don’t have to feel guilty having your kids watch.

The Magic School Bus
The classic show was just added to Netflix, and it will provide endless hours of educational entertainment with the famous Ms. Frizzle.


Wild Kratts
This popular and funny PBS show teaches kids about science and nature.


Super Why!
This show uses classic fairy tales to teach children some reading basics, and many of the episodes feature interactive games.


Peep and the Big Wide World
This adorable show for younger children teaches basic scientific facts. 


Scholastic Storybook Treasures
If your voice is hoarse from reading aloud, have these old-fashioned scholastic videos, which reads and animates many children’s books, do it for you.


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