Elizabeth Banks Is a Peeping Tom: Late Last Night

Last night, Elizabeth Banks visited The Daily Show to discuss the dangers of filming Man on a Ledge, like the whole falling from the top of a building thing, as well as some of the more interesting consequences, like the people you see in neighboring windows…without clothes on.

Ewan McGregor showed up on Late Night to talk about growing up in a small town in Scotland, not being good at “sport games,” and riding his bike from London to New York. The long way.

Haywire star Gina Carano appeared on Conan to uncomfortably discuss how a drunken night with her ex-boyfriend inspired her to become a mixed martial artist, and how she considers cage fighting to be a lot like sex.

Finally,Kathy Griffin gave…a pretty interesting interview on The Late Show. Griffin co-hosted the televised New Year’s Eve Times Square special with Anderson Cooper, who was surprised to find her almost completely naked on stage with him at one point. And just to prove…actually, I’m not at all sure what she was trying to prove…Griffin decided to take off her clothes again last night on The Late Show. Letterman was, to say the least, fazed.