Elizabeth Hurley Hooks Nate in LA in New ‘Gossip Girl’ Promo

Once upon a time, Gossip Girl outgrew the Upper East Side and ventured more and more into Brooklyn. Then, when that got old, they moved on to The Hamptons and NYU. Then the show’s perfectly manicured claws got ahold of Columbia University and Paris. Now, it seems that with all those options exhausted, there’s only one place to turn: La-la Land. Yes, we’re talking about Los Angeles. In this preview, we see Chuck take on a new hobby (because Chuck Bass doesn’t need a career), we see Serena try to reinvent herself (again), and we see Nate getting into a bit of trouble with guest star Elizabeth Hurley. Yes, we’re talking about the fun kind of trouble.

Like any good GG promo, it dangles a few little unexplained tidbits — like the Save-the-Date note in Dan’s hand or the notion that Chuck just might set up shop in LA — and leaves us dumbfounded. They’re pretty good at forcing us into watching the season premiere at this point, aren’t they?

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Source: EW