Ellen DeGeneres’ House Was Struck By Lightning: Late Last Night

Last night, Ellen DeGeneres visited The Tonight Show to talk at length about how she has nothing to say…and then to try very hard to convince Jay that her house got struck by lightning (to no avail).

Al Gore showed up on The Colbert Report to try and explain global warming, energy conservation, and the fact that the world goes around the sun to Stephen Colbert…who, in a hilarious moment at the end of the interview, he accidentally “outs.”

Pauly D appeared on Conan to (literally) combine his mighty hair with the equally powerful pompador of Conan O’Brien, and to demonstrate the “Jersey Turnpike” dance with Roseanne Barr.

Finally, Will Arnett stopped by Late Night to compare his new show, Up All Night, to Teen Mom, and to give a little insight into just how big of a drunk he used to be.