Elton John on ‘SNL’: The Skits You Missed

If you were hoping for a rousing, hilarious episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend, prepare to be disappointed. The all Elton John episode was without a doubt, one of the worst episodes this season despite Elton’s ability to take whatever material they threw at him AND the fact that celebrity walk-ons were rampant. (Seriously, Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by, Carmello Anthony waltzed into a few sketches, and Tom Hanks practically hijacked the whole show.) We still love  Elton, even though the SNL writers made him dress up like a poorly-dressed gay cowboy and another tasteless gay stereotype and otherwise just had him be himself in every other sketch. He did the best he could with what he was given. Here are the skits you need to see just so you know what everyone’s blabbing about in the break room.

You know it’s not a great episode when one of the best sketches is a reprisal of one we’ve seen over and over again. We got another Lawrence Welk cold open featuring whatever SNL girls they had at hand, Elton John in a pink — or lilac, I really can’t tell — and of course Kristen Wiig’s Junice. Sure the character’s a little old at this point, but she never ceases to be entertaining. Plus, Elton John as some Liberace-type singer was pretty funny.

From one of the funniest to one of the worst skits from last night: The Digital Short. You know it’s bad when it gets help from Tom Hanks and Elton John AND they acknowledge that it’s bad and it’s STILL not funny. Enter, Laser Cats The Musical, a.k.a. the second Laser Cats Digital Short that should never have been made.

Finally, we have the Knights of The Realm. It was just one of many skits that attempted to really stick it to England but it was just plain awful. It’s like they ingested every half-baked Brit stereotype and regurgitated it for us. They tried the whole let’s make fun of the Brits game with Russell Brand and again here with Elton, but let’s hope they stop embarrassing themselves when Helen Mirren takes her turn at hosting. Luckily for us, we get a weird but entertaining Michael Caine impression from Tom Hanks, a damn good Ringo from Fred Armisen, and a bitchy burn on the Spiderman musical from Sir Elton.