Emma Stone On ‘SNL’: The Sketches You Should See

Emma Stone hosted SNL this Saturday, and what am I going to have to do to get this girl to stop trying to convince me she’s a nerd? I do not believe her. She can make out with as many Jonah Hills and Jesse Eisenbergs as she can find and film movies about how she befriends nerds and pretends to have them lose their virginities to her…it will not convince me that she had no choice but to drug her billowy top and her Diane Keaton pants in order to wear them in her monologue while she advocates for her nerd-dom. Also, that is not the shade of red that nerds dye their hair. Also, nerds do do some kind of weird thing when they say their “S’s,” but do they create Powerpoint presentations to convince their parents to let them move to L.A. to pursue acting? No! They create Powerpoint presentations that depict the similarities between Helen Keller and Muhammad Ali. Point, me. So what are the skits you missed?

Emma Stone appeared very briefly as Lindsay Lohan in a very familiar The View sketch. There was a short reference to Joy and Whoopi walking off the set when Bill O’Reilly made a bad comment about how all Muslims are extremists last week. Actually, I have a hard time even considering this to be a sketch at all. It seems more like the idea came directly after the “ZIP ZAP ZOP” game Emma played the first day of rehearsals to help her get to know the rest of the cast.

In “My Brother Knows Everything,” Emma was Nasim Pedrad’s co-host Meredith, where again, she played a nerd who idolizes Pedrad’s older brother and reviewed Jackass 3D based on what the older brother said it was like. I think during the segment called, “Erik’an Idols,” Emma even thought about what kind of sauce she was going to have on her pasta at the SNL afterparty that night.

And Emma did her best Blake Lively in a skit called, “Budget Costumes.”

The Digital Short was good, and perhaps the best part of the show. It was called “I Broke My Arm” and had numerous Emma Stone unfriendly words in it, like “slipped,” “casts,” and “sexy.”

And in “Dream Home Extreme,” Emma was a nonplussed recipient of a $2 million check to redecorate her home. These are really tough times in our country, so it’s no surprise to see that Target Lady got a second job.

None of this was particularly groundbreaking or entertaining. It wasn’t terrible, but if there had been an Intervention marathon on A&E, I would have watched that instead. This was basically just Emma playing variations of the characters she always plays, which isn’t nearly as fun as watching Jon Hamm play characters like Sergio, who’s completely different than his Don Draper. That’s the point of SNL, isn’t it? To make help actors make fools of themselves and challenging their skills and forcing them to make farts with their armpits and wear itchy sweaters? But Emma did exactly what she normally does, which means SNL was exactly as boring as it usually is.