Emmy Rossum, You Sure Make The Most Out Of Fiona Gallagher

Emmy Rossum, ShamelessShowtime

When you think of the Gallagher family on Showtime’s Shameless, one person keeps them together: Fiona (Emmy Rossum). Fiona could have been great. Her model looks, spunky attitude and tenacity for hard work could have led to an acting gig. Or college success. Or an athletic career — Fiona runs surprisingly well. Instead, she has to take care of a big family. While still in her twenties, the responsibility of watching after two teenagers, two elementary-aged kids and a toddler fell on her. Fiona became the de facto matriarch.

Oh, and she also had to manage a drunk father.

Despite all these obstacles, Fiona somehow gets food and money to care for her family. She works odd jobs and her personal happiness always takes a back seat. Kudos to Rossum for playing this role in a daring, sexy manner. What’s that, sexy, you ask? Yes, the mother role and constant problems seem to overwhelm Fiona, but she still looks hot. Life obviously doesn’t get her down too much. Guys everywhere on Shameless find Fiona ridiculously attractive. Fiona is never low on suitors, whether it’s a cop, man with a double life or in the case of season four, her boss. At the snap of a finger, her life could be vindicated with these men. A life of steadiness and putting her talents to use awaits.

But she will never abandon her family. The Gallaghers are her life so she will continue to provide and maintain incredible looks whether, it’s in a business suit, short skirt or T-shirt and jeans. You are a kind soul, Fiona.