Emmys 2011: Making a Case for ‘Modern Family’

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Being part of any family is never easy. They’re loud, obnoxious, and always in your business. But like it or not, their DNA runs through your veins and there’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone thinks their family is the definition of crazy, but let’s be honest – no other wacky household can hold a candle to the craziness that goes on in Modern Family and we love them for it!

This show offers a satirical look at our century’s modern household and the hilarious obstacles we face in our everyday lives. While these characters are a far cry from the Leave It To Beaver and Pleasantville definitions of a perfect family, the dynamic between each relative deems them perfect in our eyes and makes us want to become a member of this highly unconventional family. This show has the ability to make the abnormal seem, not only normal, but hilariously cool. Think about all the relative issues they put a positive spin on. The show presents a gay couple adopting an Asian baby and raising her in a loving, adorable manner, further proving that if you have double the daddys, you get double the love. A divorced Colombian mother and her son end up starting over and finding love again by joining this wacky family, showing kids that happiness can be found even if your parents are no longer together. The fact that any show has the guts to delve into such controversial topics is enough to earn it an Emmy all by itself, and this one does it with a smile on its face. This show demonstrates that a true family is only as strong as the love they share for one another and this group has more than enough to go around.

Modern Family also creates the perfect blend of fantasy and reality for all its viewers. It allows the characters to break the proscenium by having them deliver some dialogue in a documentary form, which makes the audience feel more involved (much like fellow Emmy contender The Office). But Modern Family easily transitions back into your basic television show where the viewer’s main job is to observe, not interact. This allows you to still feel connected with each character, without having to constantly feel like you’re intruding on their private environment.

Last year Modern Family swept the board winning five Emmys overall, which is the most for any series. Some might call that beginner’s luck, but this show was just hitting its stride and it only continues to get better. The series not only has more depth and character than your regular run-of-the-mill comedy – it has twice the heart. Gone are the traditional stipulations of how a family “should” be – we live in a modern world and this is a modern show, where perfection is in the eye of the beholder. This show proves that love can be found in many different ways, shapes, and sizes – even in the form of an Emmy. Let’s show them the love!

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